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Pirelli Tyres

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Pirelli is currently operating in more than 160 countries across the world. In terms of unmatched tyre technologies, this brand continues to be a trendsetter.

Whenever you decide to buy Pirelli tyres Newbury, our establishment, Benten MOT & Auto Centre has got you covered. In addition, we also offer efficient tyre fitting services at affordable rates.

We sell Pirelli car tyres of all types – summer, winter and all-season. Therefore, you will find just the right set of tyres at our workshop for your vehicle.

    • Pirelli summer tyres

The summer tyres from Pirelli are constructed with hard rubber compounds using class-leading technologies. These tyres offer low rolling resistance, short braking distances and enhanced traction on dry and wet roads.

    • Pirelli winter tyres

Pirelli winter tyres provide increased traction besides reducing the risks of aquaplaning on surfaces covered with snow/slush/sleet. Made with unique soft rubber compounds and a higher percentage of natural rubber content, expect exceptional dry and wet handling performance from these tyres.

    • All season tyres

Pirelli’s all-season tyres are manufactured with a blend of summer and winter tyre technologies and provide excellent round-the-year performance. With these tyres, you can enjoy immaculate cornering precision and amazing handling performance, irrespective of the weather condition.

Pirelli tyre families at our workshop


Pirelli’s association with leading car manufacturers had given rise to the Pirelli P ZEROTM family. This range consists of the following models:

  1. P ZEROTM Corsa
  2. P ZEROTM Corsa System
  3. P ZEROTM Nero GT
  1. P ZEROTM Rosso
  2. P ZEROTM Winter
  • CarrierTM

If you are looking for Pirelli tyres Newbury for a van, the CarrierTM range is exclusively for you. In the past few years, vans have become versatile and faster, and hence, Pirelli thought of designing a new range for van owners. There are three models in this range:

  1. CarrierTM Winter
  2. CarrierTM All Season
  3. CarrierTM Summer
  • Cinturato

Cinturato tyres are constructed with the latest climate-friendly materials and offer low rolling resistance as well to enhance fuel economy. Some tyre models from this family are:

  1. CinturatoTM P7
  2. CinturatoTM P7 Blue
  1. CinturatoTM P1 Verde
  2. CinturatoTM All Season Plus, etc.
  • ScorpionTM

Pirelli’s ScorpionTM is tailored for SUVs and CSUVs. You can buy the following tyres from us at Benten MOT & Auto Centre:

  1. Scorpion™ Zero All Season
  2. Scorpion™ All Terrain Plus
  3. Scorpion™ Verde
  4. Scorpion™ Verde All Season
  1. Scorpion™ Winter
  2. Scorpion™ ATR
  3. Scorpion™ Ice & Snow

You can expect to find all these and much more on our website. You can by directly from there or come to our facility. Hence, you can put an end to your search for Pirelli ‘tyres near me’.

Come down to our facility - Benten MOT & Auto Centre - during business hours and buy a pair of Pirelli car tyres Newbury for your vehicle.