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Dunlop Tyres

Founded in 1888 and named after John Boyd Dunlop- the pneumatic tyre pioneer- Dunlop is one of a handful of iconic brands which has a direct Irish or British heritage.

Although the ownership of this brand has been divided and subdivided several times in its 120-odd years of existence, it remains a household name to most automobile enthusiasts.

If you are planning to purchase a set of Dunlop tyres Newbury, visit our website or our facility- Benten MOT & Auto Centre. We stock the largest collection of Dunlop’s models, and our inventory is constantly upgraded and modified to suit emerging trends.

Newbury’s favourite Dunlop tyres

At Benten MOT & Auto Centre, we have been retailing Dunlop tyres for many years.

Let us give you an overview of Dunlop’s bestselling models across Newbury and the United Kingdom.

For summers

  • Sport Maxx Race:
  • It is the most premium Dunlop tyres for summer use. Boasting exceptionally capable acceleration and braking on dry roads, many British car majors have turned to this model as OE. One significant advantage of this model is its rim protection ability.

    The latter quality is not found in most tyres manufactured by rival companies. If you plan to buy Dunlop car tyres Newbury, look no further than the Sport Maxx Race model. It is an outstanding summer tyre and is available in several rim sizes.

For winters

  • Winter Response 5:
  • Although there are some complaints regarding its weight, there is no question that Dunlop’s Winter Response range is one of the most capable winter tyre ranges ever. These have been the most perennially popular Dunlop tyres Newbury.

    The Response 5 has an asymmetric tread pattern and offers a superb braking response. It also accepts ceramic and steel studs. Given its attractive price tag, it is clearly one of the best car tyres Newbury.

For all-year use

  • DunlopSP Sport 5000:
  • We recommend the SP Sport 5000 if you are looking for technologically advanced and durable all-season Dunlop car tyres Newbury. The Sport 5000 draws inspiration from Dunlop’s racing car tyres. It has interconnected tread blocks which are large and have wider spaces between them. These units offer exceptional cornering precision during the colder months when roads become dangerously icy and slushy.

One great advantage of this model is its ‘Max Flange Shield’, Dunlop’s proprietary solution to prevent rim damage. Moreover, its asymmetric tread pattern enhances grip and provides improved fuel efficiency than most competing all-season models.

If you live in areas where the temperatures rarely dip below 70C, it is time for you to stop searching for quality “tyres near me”. Visit Benten MOT & Auto Centre and select the SP Sport 5000 for round-the-year use.

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