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Are you looking for Air Conditioning for your vehicle?

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system in a car does much more than providing a cool and comfortable environment inside the vehicle. Yes, its primary job is keeping the temperature in the passenger cabin regulated. But the air-con system in your vehicle is also responsible to filter out pollutants and bacteria. In winter the air conditioning system will also keep your car interior dry.

Often, when the AC hasn’t been used for some time, it can develop some performance issues, which, if left unattended, can lead to costly repairs. Thus, we, at Benten MOT & Auto Centre, suggest our patrons come for car air conditioning Newbury service routinely to ensure its optimum performance.

At our facility, we use the latest equipment and diagnostic tools as well as high-quality eco-friendly refrigerant gas for air-con servicing.

When to go for an car air conditioning Newbury service?

In general, it’s recommended that you get the AC system in your car diagnosed and serviced every 24 months. Apart from that, regular upkeep is also necessary to ensure long service life.

Also, issues like coolant leak and the accumulation of bacteria and fungi can result in an unpleasant environment inside the passenger cabin. Under such circumstances, consider visiting our facility for excellent AC servicing and repairs.

2 Common signs of a malfunctioning air-con system

You may want to search for “car air conditioning services near me” when you notice these problems:

    • The passenger cabin smells bad when the AC’s turned on You turn on the AC, and you’re greeted with a whiff that’s not so fresh!

It’s your first clue that the air conditioning system in your car needs servicing. A host of factors can cause the AC to emit undesirable smells.

It could be because of bacteria and mould formation in the air vent. Or, if you get a pungent waft, it may be due to dust and dirt build-up in the filter. A noxious chemical smell, on the other hand, could signal a leak somewhere in the system.

In any case, you should book an appointment with us for an AC anti-bacterial clean-up.

    • Hot air coming from AC vents

Another common issue with the car AC system is when the air is not cold or, worse, it’s hot! It’s a frustrating experience when the sun’s beating down and the air conditioning system is of no help.

It could happen due to a number of reasons, the most usual one being low refrigerant levels. Thus, a simple car air con regas Newbury service can be of great help to you.

Routine servicing and thorough maintenance can keep all AC-related issues at bay. Thus, book an appointment with Benten MOT & Auto Centre for air conditioning Newbury service today if a servicing is long due.

You can also feel free to reach us if there’s any apparent issue with your vehicle’s AC unit. Drive down to our facility or call us for a booking.