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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?

A perfectly working suspension system ensures a comfortable and safe driving experience.

To ensure your car suspension system Newbury is in perfect condition, visit Benten MOT & Auto Centre. Our technicians can quickly check for any issues and find the damaged component and repair/replace it in no time.


What damages a car suspension system?

Your car suspension is made up of shocks, struts, springs, joints, bushings, etc. Defects in any one of these components can lead to the suspension underperforming, which leads to decreasing damping forces.

Suspension components usually get damaged due to natural wear. However, it largely depends on your driving style and road conditions. If you primarily drive on bumpy country roads, your car’s suspension will wear faster.

Faults in the suspension, if ignored, can lead to expensive repairs. 

To ensure that does not happen, you have to stay aware of the issues that might indicate problems in your car suspension system Newbury.

Common symptoms of a faulty suspension

The primary sign that indicates your car suspension is damaged is an increasingly uncomfortable and bumpy ride. If your car is jerking with every bump, bring it to our garage for suspension repair Newbury as soon as possible. 

Other signs of damaged suspension include –

    • Reduced steering response

If you find it difficult to steer your vehicle, it is time to opt for our services. There are several reasons that can cause this issue; the steering wheel itself can be one of them. Damages in control arm bushings can also lower steering response.

    • Vehicle veers to one side

If your car drifts to one side of the road, it indicates problems with the suspension system.

    • Vehicle “nose” dives when braking

Worn-out shock absorbers Newbury will make your car “nose” dive when you brake and lean back when you accelerate even under normal driving conditions.

    • Greasy shocks and struts

You can easily check the shocks and struts by looking underneath your car. If these appear to be greasy, it might indicate a leakage. Under such circumstances, you should replace shock absorbers Newbury at the earliest.

Are you searching for “car shock absorber repair near me” or Suspension Repair Newbury?

Benten MOT & Auto Centre is the answer to your car suspension system Newbury problems. We have a team of experienced technicians who can fix problems in your vehicle efficiently. If any component has to be replaced, you will be informed and given an estimate first before proceeding.

So call us or even better, come down to our service station in Newbury and let our professionals tend to your vehicle’s issues.