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Bridgestone, founded in 1931 in the Japanese city of Kurume, is the largest supplier of tyres in the world. Bridgestone tyres are sold widely across Europe, which is one of the company’s biggest markets.

Bridgestone was one of the first major manufacturers in Asia to forego dependence on foreign technologies in their manufacturing process. Instead, it developed more indigenous techniques, which ultimately transformed into its widely-acclaimed R&D bureau.

Bridgestone has unique offerings across the many types of tyres sold globally. If you are looking to purchase Bridgestone tyres Newbury, please have a look at our website and use our tyre configurator to find the perfect tyres for your particular vehicle. Or visit our facility - Benten MOT & Auto Centre. We are the most renowned tyre retailers in Newbury and our team is always ready to help.

Why should you buy Bridgestone tyres Newbury?

There are several reasons why you should consider purchasing these Japanese products. Here are some of the standout reasons that Benten MOT & Auto Centre’s technicians believe you should consider:

  • Bridgestone has over 180 manufacturing units around the world. Unlike many of its competing entities, Bridgestone has never faced a problem in its supply chain. They have also invested heavily in ensuring timely deliveries to its leading stockists, and not even the pandemic has affected its supply system.
  • The company currently dominates a significant portion of the tyre markets worldwide. Bridgestone has managed to retain its lead because of the high quality of its products and widely applauded R&D.
  • When you purchase Bridgestone tyres Newbury, you can rest assured of their quality and region-specific performance. It was one of the first major companies to develop specific models for specific areas. This approach has since been taken by several big brands.

Bestselling Bridgestone tyres Newbury

The following 3 models have the highest demand in this part of the UK. We sell hundreds of units each year.

  • Potenza RE-71R: The Potenza series is Bridgestone’s flagship summer tyre The RE-71R is its latest member. Inspired by racing tyres, these high-performance units are available in a number of sizes. We have sold these car tyres Newbury to clients who own different vehicles: from standard hatchbacks to low-slung sedans and SUVs.
  • Blizzak WS90: The WS90 is Bridgestone’s high-performance winter tyre Part of the well-known Blizzak family, the WS90 has differentiated itself with its superior rubber carcass, bigger tread blocks, improved braking response and total control of snowy and icy surfaces. If you are looking for a set of winter tyres that is worth your money, try the WS90 range.
  • Potenza RE040: This is a high-end performance tyre and another member of the Bridgestone Potenza family. The RE040 delivers impressive performance on both wet and dry surfaces and boasts excellent traction. At Benten MOT & Auto Centre, we recommend the RE040 to clients who own SUVs and high-performance vehicles.

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If you are looking for “tyres near me”, and if you live or drive in and around Newbury, visit our facility, Benten MOT & Auto Centre. Or, you can also browse through our website and choose a set you deem perfect.

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