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Landsail Tyres

Landsail tyres are manufactured by the Chinese company, Sentury. The Sentury Group also owns the Delinte, Pantera and GroundSpeed brands. Although established only recently in 1992, the Group has managed to enter the list of the world’s 40 largest manufacturers. Quingdao, a traditionally industrial city in China’s Shandong province, is their base of operations. Quingdao has often been dubbed ‘China’s Detroit’.

Over the last decade, Landsail has created a stir in the European markets. If you wish to buy a set of Landsail tyres Newbury for your automobile, visit our website or come over to our facility- Benten MOT & Auto Centre.

We are one of the few authorised dealers of these products in Newbury.

Popular Landsail tyre models

The company specialises in summer, UHP and CUV tyres.

At Benten MOT & Auto Centre, you will get all available models of Landsail car tyres Newbury, plus previews of upcoming versions of popular variants.

Let us now showcase 3 Landsail models from different classes which we sold in large numbers last year.

For summers

If you are planning to buy Landsail tyres Newbury for the warmer part of the year, you should consider the Qirin 990 series.

Here is how they beat their competition:

Racing tyres inspire the Qirin 990. It is lighter than most summer models, have wider shoulder blocks for superior traction and fuller longitudinal profiles between tread blocks. The latter allows improved grip and lowers aquaplaning risks as well.

Further, these car tyres Newbury are priced attractively. Also, Landsail has ensured wider compatibility by manufacturing tyres with rim diameters of 15 to 19 inches.

For excellent off-road performance

The LS558 UHP is an all-season UHP tyre designed for speed and stability even on the most challenging terrains. Of the various Landsail car tyres Newbury that Benten MOT & Auto Centre stores, this model is probably the most popular. Its grooves are wider than most, and the LS Silica-added rubber gives it a glow that is unmatched even after substantial use.

At our facility, our tyre experts and technicians will advise you to purchase these Landsail tyres Newbury for muscle cars and SUVs.

Incidentally, Landsail has introduced a new variant with a staggering rim diameter of 22 inches. The bigger tyres are meant for light trucks.

For CUVs

The Trailblazer CLV2 is ideal for all CUVs. A late entrant in these isles, it has carved out a niche by providing unmatched handling in wet conditions and remarkably high-speed ratings. This model is one of our favourite Landsail tyres Newbury. It is ideal for city use and can handle almost everything you throw at it. Many major brands have adopted the CLV2 as OE.

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