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Continental Tyres

Continental tyres are manufactured by the German automotive parts manufacturing giant, Continental AG. Founded in 1871, Continental AG has since acquired a global reputation for its breakthroughs in automotive safety and has refined the processes of manufacturing powertrains and chassis for various vehicle types.

However, their tyres have probably outstripped all their other products.

Currently the world’s 4th-largest tyre manufacturer, Continental occupies a huge chunk of the UK’s tyre market.

If you are looking for Continental tyres Newbury, head over to Benten MOT & Auto Centre. We are the leading authorised retailers of Continental tyres in this County.

Popular Continental tyres in Newbury

This German icon has over 200 manufacturing units in 53 countries. A significant percentage of their tyres are sold across the UK.

As one of the biggest retailers of Continental car tyres Newbury, our specialist team at Benten MOT & Auto Centre regularly updates our tyre inventory so that it reflects the best models currently available.

Here are 3 tyre models which we have sold in very high numbers over the last 5 years. We have categorised them based on their seasonal use.

For summers

  • Continental SportContact 6:
  • It is a relatively new model, and it straddles 2 genres: summer and UHP. The SportContact 6 boasts of some substantial advancement over its immediate predecessor. It is recommended for use in SUVs and off-roading cars.

    What sets this tyre apart is its sheer number of variants. The SportContact 6 range has more than 90 variants, which is a record even for a company like Continental.

    If you are planning to buy Continental tyres Newbury for the warmer part of the year, this is your best bet.

For winters

  • ContiVikingContact 6:
  • This is Continental’s latest winter model, and currently one of the fastest-selling car tyres Newbury. The ContiVikingContact 6 scores high on traction, braking responsiveness and tread durability. It also supports the most cutting-edge electronic safety systems.

    This model has been priced very competitively given its competition in the UK’s market. These are the most advanced Continental tyres Newbury for winters present in our inventory.

For all-season use

  • AllSeasonContact:
  • Of all Continental tyre ranges, AllSeasonContact is the oldest all-weather tyre. Armed with a silica-infused rubber carcass, these tyres perform equally well on summer and winter roads. Continental has recently started manufacturing this range for vans too. Overall, it is an excellent replacement to buying 2 sets of tyres each year.

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