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Nexen Tyres

Nexen is widely acclaimed across the world for its exceptional tyre models. The leading South Korean tyre manufacturer has also acquired patents on several tyre technologies and stands out in terms of quality and features.

Nexen tyres Newbury remain high in demand irrespective of changing weather conditions, thanks to their summer, winter and all-season tyre ranges. Our garage, Benten MOT & Auto Centre, stocks some of the best Nexen tyres for both passenger cars and SUVs/Crossovers.

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Nexen tyres at Benten MOT & Auto Centre

  • Tyres for passenger cars

N Fera SUR4G

This tyre model offers improved handling performance and enhanced stability. Its unique tread design also provides aquaplaning resistance besides improving braking efficiency.

N Fera AU7

It is designed to provide comfort besides ensuring low running noise and improved driving experience on wet surfaces. One of our top-selling Nexen tyres Newbury, it is manufactured with 3D sipes that offer improved traction on snow-covered paths.

N Fera Sport

Known for its excellent wet and dry handling performance, N Fera Sport can effectively end your search for all-season “tyres near me”. Made with wide grooves in a longitudinal pattern, this tyre also reduces hydroplaning considerably.

N Blue ECO

N Blue ECO is one of the most sought-after Nexen car tyres Newbury. These tyres are a great option for you as they provide improved fuel economy and also reduce carbon emissions significantly.

N Blue 4Season

Another all season tyre from Nexen, N Blue 4Season comes with 3D spies that offer optimal grip and improved drainage besides reducing rolling noise.

  • Tyres for SUVs and Crossovers

Roadian GTX

This all-season tyre for SUVs and CUVs comes with a lasting tread life, offering excellent driving comfort and handling performance.

N Fera RU5

Suitable for luxury SUVs, this tyre enhances dry and wet performance significantly. Turn to Benten MOT & Auto Centre to buy a new set of N Fera RU5 and enjoy improved traction and cornering precision even at high speeds.

BuyNexen tyres Newbury from us without any worry. Regardless of your car model and make, you will find just the right set of tyres at our garage.

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Apart from our collection of Nexen tyres Newbury, we also sell tyres from many other top manufacturers.

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