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A vehicle’s exhaust system is a complicated network of various crucial components, all of which must work in tandem and without any error.

If you come across any performance issue with your car’s exhaust system, bring your vehicle to our facility, Benten MOT & Auto Centre. We are the leading garage for exhaust service Newbury.

Let us first take a look at some of the major parts of an exhaust system. It will help you understand and identify the most prevalent problems which plague this system.

Dissecting an exhaust system

    • Exhaust manifold:

The manifold collects the noxious fumes generated by each of your car engine’s cylinders and collates it into a single stream. A manifold is usually made of aluminium, stainless steel and cast iron. Since it is exposed to high temperatures and corrosive gases like SO2 and NO2, it is likely to get damaged without routine servicing.

In such cases, you need exhaust repair Newbury services from a professional garage like Benten MOT & Auto Centre.

    • Oxygen sensor:

It measures the total amount of oxygen present in the exhaust fumes. It can adjust O2 levels to optimise fuel economy and alter the fuel-air mixture.

    • Catalytic converter:

This component does the crucial job of converting noxious gases into a harmless gaseous mixture.

    • Muffler:

Besides cleansing noxious fumes, an exhaust system also reduces the running noise of a car. This is the muffler’s task. Most modern mufflers use either baffles or fibreglass packing to eliminate excess sound.

If any of these parts malfunction, your car will inevitably fail an MOT test. Besides, it will also be an environmental and on-road hazard. We recommend that you periodically visit Benten MOT & Auto Centre, the numero uno exhaust servicing garage Newbury.

Common problems affecting an exhaust system

    • Rust and corrosion:

There is no greater enemy of your car’s exhaust than rust. It eats away at the system from the inside. Regular maintenance and exhaust repair Newbury services are the only ways to prevent this.

    • A busted O2 sensor:

If this sensor trips, the ECU will issue a stream of error codes. The ‘check engine light’ will come on. Most importantly, it will ‘confuse’ the ECU, and there might be an imbalance in the air-fuel mixture. It can severely damage the catalytic converter too.

    • Cracks in the exhaust system:

If you hear strange, high-pitched engine noise, it is perhaps one of the first symptoms that something is wrong with the car. The noise may indicate a crack in the complicated exhaust system. What’s more, it could be dangerous for driver and passengers as poisonous gases could enter the inside of the vehicle.

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