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Are you looking for Cooling and Heating for your vehicle?

cooling and heating

Your vehicle’s internal combustion engine demands optimum cooling and heating, as its thermal efficiency depends on the internal temperature. Similar to the other components of your car, the engine cooling system also requires regular maintenance and repairs/replacements.

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Why is an engine cooling system check-up Newbury necessary?

As mentioned earlier, your car engine works efficiently only if optimal temperatures are maintained at all times.

Engine temperatures are regulated by components of the engine cooling system. An optimally functioning cooling system addresses engine overheating issues. The radiator removes excess heat from the engine and prevents it from seizing. It is also responsible for cleaner emissions, thereby enhancing fuel economy.

The heat energy that the radiator removes is also circulated within the car cabin, which is essential in cold Newbury climates. New technologies like Thermal Management Intelligent System (TMIS) regulate the engine and cabin temperatures according to the carload.

How we approach engine cooling system check-up?

Various components of the vehicle cooling system like hose, radiator, and fluids require regular servicing and top-ups.

Take a look at what we offer in the scope of our engine cooling system repair Newbury:

Step 1: Inspection of coolant quality and levels

The engine coolant can get contaminated over time and corrode various engine parts. Our technicians examine the quality of coolant and ensure that it is safe for use.

Our experts drain the old fluid besides flushing the cooling system. The fluid levels are then topped up to maintain optimum heat dissipation.

Step 2: Visual inspection for wear and tear

We will also thoroughly check the cooling system for any sign of visible damage. Our technicians will clean the fans, coolant pump and hoses and also conduct replacements if need be.

Step 3: Thermostat check

An old thermostat is more likely to fail and result in overheating and engine seizure. The thermostat should be regularly serviced to maintain proper coolant flow through the cooling system.

Step 4: Replacing the radiator

Without routine servicing, radiators are prone to leaks and failures, resulting in inefficient cooling. If your car radiator requires a replacement, our technicians will conduct the same after thorough diagnostics.

Symptoms of a faulty cooling system

Modern vehicles come with several indicators that reflect malfunctioning components. The following symptoms may appear if the cooling system is not functioning correctly:

  • Engine seizures
  • Falling coolant levels
  • Frosty windshield and windows
  • Malfunctioning cabin heater
  • Temperature gauge reading high engine temperatures
  • Fluid leaks under the car

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, you do not have to search for ‘engine cooling system service near me’ anymore.

For unmatched engine cooling system service Newbury, reach out to us. Our expert technicians can handle any car trouble with ease. Visit us today!