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timing Belt

A timing belt, also known as a cambelt, is one of the essential parts of an internal combustion engine. It is a toothed rubber belt, hardened with polyurethane at times, and it helps rotate an engine’s crankshaft and camshaft in tandem. If any issue with the cambelt manifests itself, it may disrupt your driving experience considerably.

Benten MOT & Auto Centre is one of the largest car service stations in Newbury. If you come across the issues, which are mentioned below, you can trust us for efficient timing belt Change Newbury.

We are widely known across the County for exceptional engine cambelt repairs. Every year, we service a lot of vehicles plagued by this issue.

Diagnosing a faulty timing belt

Before a timing belt is rendered entirely damaged, there will be some tell-tale signs which indicate lingering problems. Some of those are mentioned below.

    • Persistent ignition issues:

You will face repeated issues while turning the engine on. Once you hit the ignition key, depending on your car’s make, there will be a screeching noise but no ignition. The sound emanates from a starter motor. You must look for professional Cambelt Change Newbury under such circumstances.

However, please note that a worn-out timing belt cannot be repaired. You would most definitely require a Timing Belt Change Newbury.

    • Oil leak just under the engine:

Every car’s cambelt is fixed under a cover, which is fitted with nuts and bolts. If there is a problem in the cambelt, the cover may start to break apart due to high temperatures. It will result in severe leakage of engine oil, and you must not drive under such circumstances.

Instead, head over to Benten MOT & Auto Centre for prompt Cambelt Change Newbury.

    • Repeated engine misfires:

The cambelt controls the crankshaft and the camshaft and determines the opening & closing of an engine’s cylinder valves. If, however, there are issues with the cambelt, this cycle of cylinder management is affected, leading to engine misfires.

A word on cambelt repairs

As stated earlier, timing belts cannot be repaired; they need complete replacements. At Benten MOT & Auto Centre, we store the best OE-grade spares available in the English market.

Several automotive facilities offer ‘attractive discounts’ on cambelt repair cost. Such campaigns are often misleading and you must exercise caution. We, however, assure to be entirely transparent with our service quotes.

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